Interview w/ Josh Elmore

Lisa Sanchez

​There are bands on the second stage that would do amazing on their own tours either headlining or with a combo and they have to pay $30,000, or whatever it is, to buy onto that tour...​If that's how they operate it, that's fine, they have to make money to cover themselves, but I don't want anyone to bring their punk rock ethics into things when you're doing exactly everything the corporate ones do so fuck yourself. Fuck yourself. 

The Contortionist @ The Newport 7/31/2015

Lisa Sanchez

"Slayer are in a different boat than we are. Somebody who has seen Slayer 30 times is not as excited to go out and see Slayer. Whereas for us, we're newer, so we still carry a little more of a spark of curiosity for people. I think the scene is just different. Usually for a lot of older school guys change scares them a little bit. It's just a different day and age." said the vocalist. "...I think it [metal] does have longevity. I think what bands will be able to ride the wave of longevity is the question because there's only a top percentage of the crop that can ride a career out, it's a pretty fickle industry."

@ House of Blues 7/24/2015

Dylan Sonderman

​In 2015, the members of O’Brother are now all either married or engaged. In fact, Martens is engaged to Johnny and Anton’s sister. With a laugh, Johnny admitted he never would have expected that.

FKA Twigs


Nick Lotz

The strong, post dub-step beats hold true throughout this song, and throughout the entire album, producing a heavy, metallic, industrial sound.

Rhawn B

Expensive Ignorance

Lisa Sanchez

Admittedly, I find it simply lazy to craft songs around a man's dick size and his ability to make a variety of women beg for it. Save that shit for your locker room stories, dude. It's not helping your music career and is the main reason these songs become literal eye rollers.

Lamb of God

VII: Sturm und Drang

Lisa Sanchez

​The album encapsulates Blythe's captivity and his guilt as well as his frustration at trying to defend himself in a country where he doesn't speak the language.

Between the Buried and Me

Coma Ecliptic

Steve Allanson

In previous albums, Between the Buried and Me sounded like the band recorded in their mom’s basement. This time each individual note screams out with distinction. Since the album tells a story, each song coincides with the other, and they flow into each track much more seamlessly...

AltOhio Music Showcase

Brittany Campbell - Oceans and Waves

The Politics of Death

Lisa Sanchez

With the flurry of incidents that have occurred since 2000 no politician, interest group, or individual (including Charleton Heston) has ever made a convincing argument to keep guns in the public sphere at the expense of thousands of lives. 

On Isabelle's Seven Steps Before Flight

Darren C. Demaree

Just in case she maybe, might need her father I jump in the pool and swim to the deep end where the she has already begun to mount the ladder. When I reach the spot where I can catch her if she needs me to, she is already waving me out of her way. 

Inaugural 2016 GOP Debate

You've Got to Hand it to Him (Kasich)

Chad W. Lutz

​After his remarks on Gay Marriage, the entire audience erupted in a roar of applause and cheers. Most of the topics discussed throughout the evening were spoken of in disdain, resentment, and exasperation. But Governor Kasich's message on Same-Sex Marriage was heartfelt and even humanitarian.

UC Cop Indicted on Murder Charges

Chad W. Lutz

​A grand jury indicted the officer on Wednesday, July 29, under charges of murder and voluntary manslaughter. Officer Tensing could face life in prison if convicted.

PVRIS @ Van's Warped Tour

Paul Kahan

A legion of fans belted every word of every song from a debut album that has been out less than eight months. If the reaction was a look into PVRIS's future, then it is a forecast that is bright.

Lindsay Dunphy Releases EP

Hallie Kosovich

​This chick knew what she wanted to do and dove right in at an early age, which probably explains her admirable drive later in life that got her to the incredible place she is now. 

The Meaning of Loneliness and The American Dream

Chad W. Lutz

It’s good for the soul. Put yourself out there. Properly lace yourself on the fray. Even if it’s just a night’s stay at a local campground surrounded by one of the country’s largest megalopolises, then so be it.

P.J. Marley's


Kathleen Finley

As I’ve watched PJ Marley’s grow these past few months, I can honestly say that their endeavor is a rousing success. It’s quickly becoming one of the great neighborhood hangout spots. ​

For A Better Buckeye

Chad W. Lutz

Attention Athletes! It's hard to believe that winter is over, but I think we can finally breathe easy. And with the grey skies turned blue and the biting winds soon-to-be summer breezes, we are now cleared to move about state (without shovels or snow tires). Racing season is underway and the days are lasting longer.

Last Exit Books


Dylan Sonderman

"I want to keep it small," said Merlene, when asked about his vision for Last Exit. Personally, I know I wouldn't want to see it any other way.

The Bookshelf


Kathleen Finley

It may take a bit of searching, but you can find some real gems there.

9 Words

Darren C. Demaree

short poems about every Cleveland Indian's game

Read them all here.

In My Ohio

On Our Reactions to Each Bad Scene

Darren C. Demaree

This week, though nothing was working smoothly, there were a lot of big moments handled well. 

On the 404

Darren C. Demaree

...For the four hundred and four children that have been killed or injured by guns thus far in 2015​

On the Writing of The Pony Governor

Darren C. Demaree

There is a righteous, dynamic, and hilarious tradition of political poetry in our country. We are an ornery people by nature. This book, “The Pony Governor”, is me at my orneriest. 
Find the entire column all here...

Flavors Eatery


Chad W. Lutz

Would I make this a staple place to eat out? Probably not. But what the restaurant does offer is options for those with special dietary needs, which may, in effect, make Flavors a bit more than a casual place to eat. It may become your favorite.