Lazyeyes Live @ Ace of Cups 1/17

Nick Lotz

“Could you be alive here? / would you be alive here?” I don’t know. I feel quite alive at this venue, but aren't we all dying a bit every second of the day? For some reason this song reminds me of The Wonder Years. Three songs in, Sam lets his guitar reverb all over the place and Jason shouts, “Thank you, we are Lazyeyes!” (That’s what we like to call a cold open, folks).

State Champs to Play Agora 2/12

Lisa Sanchez​

Formed in 2010, State Champs self-released their first two EPs, and recently released their second full length album, Around the World and Back, in October 2015. State Champs have hit their stride with their sophomore album and are currently co-headlining a world tour with Neck Deep. 

Interview w/Lazyeyes

Nick Lotz

​There’s a lack of pretension when you get away from the big cities like New York or LA where people are inundated with shows and are, for lack of a better word, jaded. It’s nice to come here where people cut loose and get down. People just know how to have a good time in Ohio, which is unfortunately foreign sometimes on the East Coast.

Interview w/André Ache of Fire Department Club

Nick Lotz

When people find out we’re from Brazil they are surprised. We don’t look like classic Brazilians. Our keyboardist, his name is German. They expect us to play popular Brazilian music. They get really surprised when we play our synthesizer and drums and speak in English. We try always to make a huge party in our concerts and they probably expect this from Brazilian bands, and this is where we are really Brazilian.

Wolf Alice Live @ Grog Shop 12/17

Lisa Sanchez

​It was great to watch Wolf Alice perform their fun poppy songs like "Giant Peach" where Rowsell and Oddie did a ZZ Top style shuffle, plus the band's remix of their classic "Bros," "Fluffy," and the killer vocal punch of "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, do we go to Heaven?" in "You're a Germ." 


Nocturnal Masquerade

Dylan Sonderman​

On repeat listens, though, I found myself wanting to sing along with Arsendorf’s excellent choruses, even if they do sound very 2005-ish.  I can’t get a few of these songs out of my head. That’s got to count for something.

Black Tusk

Pillars of Ash

Lisa Sanchez

The sound quality isn't terrific, but it's really not supposed to be. You get three dudes who made an album that sounds like it crawled out of a gutter and puked all over your new boots. Which is exactly how it's supposed to sound.

January 2016 Singles in Review

Nick Lotz

This has got to be a joke.
“Hey lil’ mama with that tight dress on / I got a small proposition for you.”
I don’t know how he pulls this off without a hint of irony.
“You can catch me in the streets with my black suit on / in my Chuck Taylor’s smoking blunts with my crew”
But goddamn, this song is some funky shit.



Dylan Sonderman
Dystopia is an unsurprising 47 minutes of breakneck chugging riffs, dueling guitar solos, galloping basslines, pounding drums, and aggressive vocals. 10 original tracks and one cover (“Foreign Policy” by hardcore punk band Fear) later, I was happily banging my head in approval.

David Bowie


Dylan Sonderman

There is a strong undercurrent of jazz throughout the album, complemented by a sheen of noir-esque vibes and keys. Great atmosphere, and a few artsy forays into avant-garde territory. Despite all that, to me the record is very listenable.

AltOhio Music Showcase

Silent Planet - Depths II

Stop Being "Retarded"

Chad W. Lutz

Just because something is "Retarded" doesn't mean it's stupid, but we, as a society, are making that connection and purveying that notion. What happens, unconsciously, consciously, whatever, is that people associate things that are dumb or pointless or frustrating beyond capacity to reason with actual human beings that face challenges just like the rest of us. 

Top Ten Albums of 2015

Steven Casimer Kowalski and Neal Christyson

Another year comes to an end an Steve and Nick school the rest of us about all the awesome albums released in 2015.

On Lily and Her Silencer

Darren C. Demaree

Our grandmothers are asking for guns with silencers on them now.

Interview w/Colin Young of Twitching Tongues

Lisa Sanchez

 "...I spend a hell of a lot of time putting together the packaging for the LP/CD's and for them to only ever see the digital version really just makes it feel a little pointless. Music has changed, and it's only getting lazier and lazier. The attention span of the average music listening is fucking pathetic now. There are very few active bands/performers who are breaking the mold and forcing the music world to change/pay attention."

Interview w/Levi Benton of Miss May I

​Lisa Sanchez

"When we were growing up and started writing music, we were listening to local Ohio bands. We weren't listening to national bands. Music was flourishing through the internet. They [Ohio bands] become our favorite bands. Ohio metal doesn’t sound like anywhere else. It’s awesome to listen to our band and other bands around Ohio. It's a Midwest thing. I love that so much."

On the Importance of Shark Socks

Darren C. Demaree

​There just might be something to the idea that clothes can enhance your mood, and by enhancing your mood it just might create an environment where you can do extraordinary things. 

A Case for Legalization

Chad W. Lutz

On November 3, Ohioans have a choice. 

On Leaving the River to Pursue the Thunderhead

Darren C. Demaree

I’ll give my heart and my things to my family, and the rest of what I have will be a damn ornery time spent sticking my arms past the lightning of the world. I wish I knew what that meant, but I was wet for so long that some of these things I’m still figuring out.

Interview w/Missy Suicide

Co-founder of Suicide Girls

Lisa Sanchez

The Suicide Girls website boasts hundreds of diverse models from across the world and Suicide assured the Blackheart Burlesque performance embodies the same independent spirit. The co-founder said, "All of the girls have an eclectic look, different body types, unique beauty, and confidence. Confidence is sexy and we showcase that in the performance."

Interview w/Dawson Scholz

The Ongoing Concept Live @ Park Street Saloon 10/2

Lisa Sanchez

​"Growing up, we built so many things. There's so many things my dad built when I was growing up that I look at and go 'That's the most redneck thing I've ever seen' but it works. It totally works. It doesn't matter what the look is as long as it gets the job done. So, that was our whole mentality growing up and it's brought us into where we are now. We've built our own guitar cabs, we've done that for years, and that was easy. Then I thought, why not build everything?" 

On The Run

Biebs and R.E.M.

Chad W. Lutz

If I were a Neanderthal, I'd get down. 

Last Exit Books


Dylan Sonderman

"I want to keep it small," said Merlene, when asked about his vision for Last Exit. Personally, I know I wouldn't want to see it any other way.

The Bookshelf


Kathleen Finley

It may take a bit of searching, but you can find some real gems there.

9 Words

Darren C. Demaree

short poems about every Cleveland Indian's game

Read them all here.

In My Ohio

On Tending

Darren C. Demaree

I really hope you’re feeling as wonderfully full as I am right now. I hope you find a few moments to revel in this thick moment. After that, I can wait to join you on the field of empathy and good work. 

On Pie (a poem)

Darren C. Demaree

​If I am to be splayed
or tumbled
in front of my dears,
may it be known
that I have no fear
to sleep on the floor
with such crusts
entangled in my beard.

On the Adoration Poems

Darren C. Demaree

These poems are for strangers, for artists, for writers, and for people I am thankful for. 

On the Music from My College Days

Darren  C. Demaree

One thing is for sure; listening to this music while I write this project was a good idea, as I continue to have an almost visceral reaction to some of these songs.

On What to Do When Your Son Says A Painting Looks Like His Penis

Darren C. Demaree

His penis has become an enigma and a point of interest in his life. Now, he considers it to be akin to a work of art. That will keep me laughing for decades.

On My Adult Days

Darren C. Demaree

On Tuesday, I woke up around 6:30am (5 of out 10 on the adult scale), got my son some apple juice (7/10), fed the dogs (4/10), and proceeded to make breakfast for the entire family (8/10).​

On Burying Your Heroes

Darren C. Demaree

​Hemingway once wrote, “If he wrote it, he could get rid of it. He had gotten rid of many things that way.” That sort of catharsis is real, I hope, but more than that I hope I am able to find a new place to appreciate great works. If the behavior disclaimer follows them I want to read that, as well. 

On Our Reactions to Each Bad Scene

Darren C. Demaree

This week, though nothing was working smoothly, there were a lot of big moments handled well. 
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